What is Camp Italia? / Cos’é Camp Italia?

Camp Italia offers fun, interactive and educational programs providing a unique combination of high-end language instruction and an authentic cultural experience in a creative, natural learning environment.

Our programs are fun & enriching experiences geared toward introducing Italian language and culture at a level that is relevant to its participants. Participants leave our programs with a new standard, a new point of reference, in Italian cultural education.

Camp Italia is distinctive in that we deliver Italian programs that are differentiated, paying homage to the rich history of Italy while simultaneously creating real world connections to the current day Italian lifestyle, music, culture, and cuisine. We play the latest Italian music and use materials from Italian schools and bookstores.

It’s not just for fun – learning a foreign language has many advantages:

  1. Supports higher scores on vocabulary and grammar (because it’s Latin based) so it doesn’t compete with the learning of English but rather enhances it.

  2. Develops cross-cultural understanding.

  3. and prepares our youth to enter the global marketplace. 

What We Offer / Cosa Offriamo

Camp Italia offers summer camps and unique theme-based programs year round to children ages 4-12, private lessons, and adult lessons.

Our summer camps and theme-based programs are offered in select locations on Long Island. Coming soon to the greater NYC area.  

We also provide our theme-based programs on-location to Italian cultural organizations, educational organizations and schools. In addition we create custom programs upon request.

Private and adult lessons are arranged on an individual basis.


Our Mission/La Nostra Missione:

To Inspire young people to connect, embrace, and carry on

the richness of Italian language and culture.